For the 10th edition of Art Fair Philippines, finally got a chance to bring back the in-person the Art Fair Philippines this year since the pandemic. There is the regional centers of art production. The weekend is part of the 10 days of Art from February 10 to 19. Ateneo Art Gallery served as host of the Art Fair Talks. Last February 18, “Tonalities of Voices from the Regions” representing the art centers in the region of Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon.

Mam Boots Herrera of Ateneo Art Gallery moderated the discussion between Kawayan De Guia from Baguio, Errol Balcos of Cagayan de Oro and Charlie Co from Bacolod. Among the attendees of the talk, Padme Perez, Tommy Hafalla, Cong. Toff De Venecia and many more.

According to Art Fair, “as the art community rallies back from the effects of the pandemic, artists and collectives share their experiences and encounters that resulted to and enriched a thriving art scene in their respective regions.”

No space for Baguio Art launched the same day “Tiw-Tiwong” an uncyclopedia to life, living, and art in Baguio, the Cordilleras and Beyond. The Mindanao-based artist looked back the first edition of Panit Bukog in 2000 up until its 4th reiteration in 2019 prior to the pandemic. While on the part of the Visayas, featured Viva Ex-Con (Visayan Visual Art Exhibition and Conference) the longest running biennial in the archipelago.

Apart from the exhibits, talks and screenings, there are incubators and residency programs from La Union, Palawan and Bacolod. Though Covid19 has kept the in-person event for the arts reaching the maximum audience, Art Fair Ph is back with a vengeance. It was reinvigorating to see and experience there are more and more folks interested and into arts.

The art fair started in 2013 and since the pandemic, there is a bigger and better “siningdustriya” coined during the De La Salle Arts Congress 16th edition in support of the RA 11904 (Philippine Creative Industries Development Act of 2022)

There are more than 50 exhibitors spread out at the Link Makati from 4th to 6th floor apart from the roof deck where there are art happenings as well. Present in the Art Talk about the region like No Space for Baguio Arts, Orange Project and Panit Bukog. In addition, the incubators are welcome addition and value added features of the Art Fair Ph 10, Anakbanwa creative residency project, Fifth Wall fest, istorya studios, Kantina, Kapitan kulam and Lunang mentoring program.