True to its vision and mission as a research-driven university committed to uplifting the lives of its communities, the multi-million-peso DOST-PCAARRD-MSC Native Pig program located at MSC Torrijos continues to grow with the introduction of the new MARKADUKE (registered trademark brand) Tocino & Longganisa proudly made at the food processing center of MSC’s School of Agriculture in Torrijos using the meat of Marinduque native pigs raised in its farm. With the expert supervision of Program Leader, Prof. Arnulfo M. Monleon, Ph.D., the program has also benefitted farmers in selected communities whereby they are given one sow (free for each beneficiary) in exchange for one offspring.In step with MSC President Dr. Diosdado P. Zulueta’s major thrust towards generating livelihood for its less fortunate stakeholders, the native pig research center demonstrates the crucial role research plays in the creation of high quality interventions that contribute to the enrichment of people’s lives. And since Marinduque has been declared free from the African Swine Fever infestation, the demand for Marinduque’s native pig is slowly growing. On a much larger scale, it is MSC’s modest contribution to helping improve the food security in the province.Touted to possess a flavorful consistency, MARKADUKE Tocino and Longganisa are available for purchase to the general public as well. For more information, and to inquire about livelihood opportunities, please visit their Facebook page at: marinduke native pigAs part of the College’s agenda, MSC Torrijos (Agriculture) and MSC Gasan (Fisheries) are both being groomed to be part of the agro-tourism circuit in the very near future. to showcase and promote MSC’s and Marinduque’s unique contributions to strengthening food security towards the agro-economic development of the country.