– Allocating Resources according to the College plans, programs and projects

D – Delineating financial and human resources in order to attain success

M – Maximizing the resources efficiently and effectively

– Integrating approaches to activities of the College based on the mission and vision

– Nurturing the human resources thru administrative support

– Inculcating the values of service to clienteles

– Saving for the benefit of all

– Targeting the attainment of the thrusts to Universityhood

– Revitalizing static administrative services

– Advocating progressive ideas, systems and good practices in the delivery of administrative services

– Transporting and Transmitting response to the different administrative requests

– Introducing indigenous ways of providing response to different activities of the College when budget is insufficient or not available

– Valuing value-driven service in the delivery of functions

– Educating the employees on the services rendered by the administrative department