About Us

Erma Estrada Reyes

Acting Head

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) has the following functions:

  • Directly responsible for administrative business work and to assist MSC’s high level executives in planning, organizing, and implementing programs and projects;
  • Performs a variety of administrative support to enable senior management to focus their attention on more critical concerns
  • Responsible for liaison and public relations assignments;
  • Attend to legal concerns of the College, including but not limited to legal research and advising, formulating legal decisions and resolution, and planning and directing the conduct of legal work;
  • Supervise the planning, organizing, and implementation of administrative programs, projects, and activities;
  • Supervise the performance of administrative services in compliance with established government laws, rules, and regulations and policies approved by the Board of Trustees;
  • Check and sign vouchers and payrolls;
  • Coordinate office services such as personnel, finance, supply, general services, health services, and records management control;
  • Supervise and train specialized and administrative support personnel and assign, review, and evaluate their work;
  • Perform office management duties;
  • Oversee the maintenance of personnel and fiscal records and submit proposals to improve the system;
  • Supervise procurement and inventory of supplies and the staff performing such functions;
  • Review and recommend proposals to ensure compliance with policies;
  • Advise the department head and execute administrative policies at the direction of higher officials;
  • Maintain and strengthen good working and learning relationship of employees in the college, and with other government, private and non-government agencies, to ensure that these relationships lead to strengthening of programs and activities of the College, and,
  • Perform other tasks in the exigency of the service.