About Us

Floriza P. Buenaseda

Unit Head

The Accounting Office is one of the units under the Financial Management Services supervised by the Office of the Vice-President for Administration and Finance. Its primary task is to generate timely, meaningful, and accurate financial reports under GAAM that serve as reference for management decisions.

The Accounting Services’ vision is to provide services that exceed the expectations of our customers: students, college administrators, the Board of Trustees, faculty, non-teaching personnel and other government agencies while its mission is to ensure the proper stewardship of the College’s financial resources. Towards this end, we strive to provide valuable, timely, and meaningful financial information to College administrators for decision making with the aim of achieving overall institutional goals. We must ensure sound and efficient financial practices and services to the community and must serve our customers in an ethical, professional, and courteous manner.

Our greatest asset is our staff. We ought to provide an environment in which everyone is treated with dignity and the worth of each employee is valued and respected. We provide our employees with proper training and tools to do their job, a sense of security and opportunities for their individual developmental growth.

We strive to attain our goals: 1) Provide timely, effective, and quality services that will exceed our customers’ expectations. We must be sensitive and responsive to the needs of our customers: students, administrators, the Board of Trustees, faculty, non-teaching personnel, and representatives from other agencies; and 2) Provide professional development opportunities to increase the effectiveness of the professional staff and to promote an innovative atmosphere. We are committed to innovation, change, and self-evaluation in order to meet these needs.

Services / Process

  • Preparation of A/R Process
    includes all steps in recording all billing Journal of Accounts Receivables/ General Journal
  • Processing Loan Remittances/ Contributions/ Premiums and Deductions
    involves the preparation of monthly remittances of all loans, premiums, contributions and deductions from payroll of employees to concerned agencies.
  • Processing Payments and Payables
    defines the procedures for the process payments and claims of suppliers of goods and services, contractors and consultancy services. Also includes steps for the payment of cash advance for local and foreign travels and ensures liquidation thereof.
  • Preparing Payroll
    presents the steps for the payment of compensation of regular, contracted employees, part time and job order employees, monetization of leave credits and terminal leaves. It also includes recording of all accrued expenses and corresponding payments/ disbursements made by the Cashier in the General Journal.
  • Indexing Transaction to SL Process
    includes individual posting of payments, remittances and deductions, per index card for all suppliers, employees and contractors to avoid payment duplication.
  • Preparation of Financial Reports
    includes the steps in the preparation of summary of all accounting transactions recorded in the journals.
  • Processing Reconciliation of Property, Plant & Equipment
    involves steps in reconciling inventory supplies and materials of property, plant and equipment with the record of the Supply and Property Management Office.