About Us

Atty. Crispin Francis M. Jandusay

Vice President

The Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance oversees the Administrative and Finance Department which is committed to deliver excellent and quality administrative services to all faculty, students, and stakeholders of the College.


In order to provide excellent administrative services to all its clientele, the department crafted new strategies and mechanisms to address various and existing concerns. It is a collaborative effort that the department uses in creating fundamental decisions and appropriate program interventions that shape and guide the institution’s needs. An effective strategic plan combines the hard work of talented individuals from the department’s offices and units. The plan includes each office’s programs and activities aligned to the institution’s vision and mission and the Ten-Point Agenda of the administration.

The Department aims to provide quality and excellent administrative services to students as its primary customers, the faculty and other stakeholders of the institution. The initiative of all units and offices encompasses the holistic plan of this department and is expected to implement strategies, innovations, and policies that will augment the demands of the different sectors in consideration of the existing regulatory and statutory bodies governing the institution. As a partner department of the institution towards the attainment of the desired vision and mission, the Administration is in full support of the implementation of all the institution’s priority programs, activities, and projects.  Action plans and program interventions are formulated in the realization of the institution’s five-year strategic plan. Mandated to assist the institution in the accomplishment of the goals and objectives through its strong support services are incorporated in the following major functions:

Major Functions

  1. Financial management
  2. Records management
  3. Administrative services
  4. Information & Communication services
  5. Security services, and
  6. Production services

Administrative Thrusts

A Allocating Resources according to the College plans, programs and projects
D Delineating financial and human resources in order to attain success
M Maximizing the resources efficiently and effectively
I Integrating approaches to activities of the College based on the mission and vision
N Nurturing the human resources thru administrative support
I Inculcating the values of service to clienteles
S Saving for the benefit of all
T Targeting the attainment of the thrusts to Universityhood
R Revitalizing static administrative services
A Advocating progressive ideas, systems and good practices in the delivery of administrative services
T Transporting and Transmitting response to the different administrative requests
I Introducing indigenous ways of providing response to different activities of the College when budget is insufficient or not available
V Valuing value-driven service in the delivery of functions
E Educating the employees on the services rendered by the administrative department