About Us

Ms. Jhoanna Kris Sager, MA


MSC’s Planning and Development Office (PDO) is one of the units attached to the Office of the College President. It is primarily tasked to assist in attaining the highest level of performance in planning and development through well-crafted plans.

The basic planning process are as follows:

  • Preparation of Plans (Strategic Plan, Development Plan, Financial Plan, and Annual Plan)
  • Preparation of reports to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) AO25 Secretariat and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and other agencies
  • Preparation of Faculty Teaching Effectiveness and Student Services Area Evaluation
  • Preparation of Annual Reports

The PDO is composed of the following:

  1. Planning Director
  2. Planning Officer
  3. Administrative Aide
  4. Support Staff

Under the Planning Office, there are three divisions that contribute to the Unit’s performance of its tasks. These are:

  1. Research and Statistics Division (headed by Ms. Maria Rowena M. Lamac)
  • Prepares proposals and secures required documents for programs to be endorsed to NEDA and other agencies for funding
  • Coordinates with units on the submission of additional required documents of proposed programs for funding
  • Prepares and updates the MSC Profile for use as basis for plan preparation and program proposals.

2. Special Coordination & Plans Preparation Division (headed by Ms. Jhoanna M. Sager)

  • Assesses and evaluates the submitted AIP of each unit to avoid duplication and similarity of programs
  • Prepares AIP aligned to the Vision and Mission and Ten-point Agenda of the administration and to the national plans for presentation to the President and Vice-Presidents.
  • Coordinates with concerned agencies, offices, and organizations on the conduct of special and significant events of MSC, especially those programs concerning partnerships, collaboration, and regional council meetings.

3. Monitoring and Evaluation Division (headed by Mr. Romell L. Morales)

  • Prepares quarterly physical and financial status reports of all programs, activities, and projects included in the AIP and those submitted to NEDA using the PME forms.
  • Regularly monitors the accomplishment status of PAPs
  • Conducts actual visits to projects funded thru NEDA and other agencies and secures documents of activities.