About Us

Mr. Arnel M. Lantita


The Marinduque State College’s Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) is a student auxiliary services unit of the College that is under the supervision of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). The OSAS is responsible for the development and implementation of various programs and services that focus on the non-academic aspects of the student’s life in the College, such as the acquisition of values and skills for lifelong learning. These student-centered activities and services that compliment academic instruction are anticipated to support holistic student development for active involvement in nation-building. The Student Affairs and Service of the College is composed of student welfare and development programs and services.

The OSAS is headed by a Director designated by the President as confirmed by the College’s Board of Trustees

Units under the Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) are:

  1. Scholarship and Grants Unit
  2. Publication Unit – (The MSCian)
  3. Student Organizations
  4. Student Discipline
  5. Campus Ministry

Duties and Functions

  • Participates in the formulation and effective implementation of policies, plans, programs, activities and other matters concerning student discipline, welfare, and development.
  • Supervises the delivery of student services and the administration of student publications, organization, and leadership programs.
  • Helps promote the emotional, social, moral, spiritual, and physical well-being of students
  • Facilitates the approval and recognition of campus student organizations upon recommendation of the adviser for Student Organizations and Publications
  • Facilitates the issuance of Certificate of Good Moral Character to all students who are graduating or transferring
  • Approves and supervises students’ activities which may be undertaken inside the campus
  • Recommends for approval by the College President, fund-raising activities of student organizations, subject to submission of financial reports as required based on existing accounting and auditing rules and regulations
  • Approves the posting of notices, announcements and posters of organizations and units of the College as well as those of outside agencies or organizations
  • Ensures the strict observance and compliance of the provisions of the Student Handbook
  • Establishes linkages with other agencies on matters of student welfare and development
  • Submits annual reports and other periodic reports and proposals for inclusion in the annual report and the consolidated budget proposal of the College
  • Performs other related functions as may be assigned by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or the College President.