About Us

Dr. Romulo H. Malvar

Dr. Romulo Huerta Malvar


The functions of the Center for Alumni Relations and Employment Services (CARES) are to:

  1. Conduct and implement projects and activities related to job orientation, job opportunities, job fairs, career orientations, and counseling of students.
  2. Link with government agencies and private organizations for possible employment of graduates.
  3. Monitor graduate’s employment status through tracer studies in coordination with the different Schools of the College.
  4. Link with successful alumni for possible donations of anything with value to the College or School where they graduated.
  5. Facilitate and/ or initiate the organization of alumni and coordinate alumni gatherings/ reunions/ homecoming.
  6. Initiate and/ or recommend alumni who are working for institutional recognition due to their exemplary or outstanding performance in their respective fields or profession.
  7. Coordinate and/ or facilitate the selection and retention of partner industries as host training establishments (HTEs) for the implementation of local and overseas On-The-Job programs in coordination with OJT Coordinators or deans of the different shools. 


Email: cares@mscmarinduque.edu.ph