Prof. Diosdado P. Zulueta, DPA

SUC President III

Presidential Management Staff

The Presidential Management Staff (PMS) is created by virtue of Office Memorandum No. 422 s. 2020 dated December 9, 2020 under the administration of the new College President, Prof. Diosdado P. Zulueta, DPA. It serves as support mechanism/ technical arm in the execution of the ministerial functions and duties of the College President. Its functions include but are not limited to the following: 1) provide timely and relevant information to the President in the exercise of decision-making; 2) serve as clearinghouse for all papers/ documents/ communications requiring action of the College President; 4) issue policy directives and prepare office correspondences/ reports/ presentations and other forms of communication; 5) relate to the pubic through the timely dissemination of accurate information that will promote transparency and good governance and 6) perform other related functions and duties.

The Presidential Management Staff is composed of the following:

Mr. Alfredo M. Ofrecio III

Chief of Presidential Management Staff

Ms. Jholey Rose R. Leaño-Lancion

Presidential Assistant for Social Media Communications

Abraham L. Cuevas

Mr. Abraham L. Cuevas

Presidential Assistant for Public Affairs and Community Relations

Ms. Jessica M. Semilla

Presidential Assistant for Special Projects & Advocacy Programs

Mr. Nowell P. Maac

Receiving Officer

Mr. Maac is an Administrative Assistant at the Office of the College President

Ms. Zyrelle Mae Rioflorido

Releasing Clerk

Ms. Rioflorido is an Administrative Assistant at the Office of the College President