About Us

Mrs. Gemma A. Tirol

Unit Head, College Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is inherently a part of the academic and administrative set up of an educational institution. It is a member of the policy-making body of the school that assists in the formulation and/or enforcement of policies for the realization of its general and specific objectives. It plays an important and very significant role in an academic institution that provides various services to all its clients in terms of admission, enrollment, student records management and graduation of students. All year round, it updates students records and do the preparation and release of numerous academic records or documents for board examination, employment here and abroad, scholarship, further studies among other purposes. It also prepares pertinent documents for release of funds in relation to the implementation of the Free Higher Education (FHE) and Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) Programs of the government under RA 10931 also known as the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act (UAQTEA) of 2017.

The Office of the Registrar acts as admission officer, registration officer, credit evaluator, records officer and as a liaison officer that provides updated, accurate, prompt, and courteous services to the public.


As part of the Administration

  • Enforces government and school regulations regarding entrance requirements, enrollment, load, transfer, promotions, subject sequence, graduation, suspension, dismissal of students and other disciplinary measures
  • Assists in the preparation of bulletins, catalogs. Brochures, school calendar and other appointments
  • Acts as the TES and FHE Focal person of the institution


  • Evaluates admission credentials of students who wish to enroll in the programs of the College
  • Endorses applicants to the Guidance and Counselling Unit for the administration of an entrance exam
  • Generates admission statistics for various purposes
  • Disseminates information about the College’s programs, enrollment policies and procedures
  • • Promotes the curricular programs of the institution


  • Plans and executes enrollment procedure in coordination with Principals and Deans
  • Examines admission credentials
  • Implements admission and selective retention policies
  • Ascertains compliance of requirements including removal of incomplete grades
  • Determines subject load and subject sequence
  • Implements policies on cross-enrollment, overload and possible admission of foreign students
  • Informs students of course deficiencies
  • Evaluates subjects and credits earned in other schools
  • Determines year placement of irregular students

Student Records Management

  • Keep student records up to date
  • Prepares academic records of students per request and issues them promptly.


  • Enforces graduation requirements such as submission of complete admission credentials, thesis, approval sheet, list of professional and major subjects with name of faculty who handled the subjects and their PRC license, among other requirements.
  • Prepares list of candidates to graduation for presentation to the Academic council and approval of the Board of Trustees
  • Informs graduating students of their academic deficiencies prior to graduation