About Us

The SAS Journalismo Training Project (SJTP) aims to develop the writing skills of the student-trainees through individual training sessions, and is one of the extension programs of the School of Liberal Arts. The SJTP is composed of three (3) training modules:

Module 1

Basic Newswriting – Focuses on developing basic newswriting skills, particularly in writing headlines, lead and different articles, such as Feature, Sports News and Editorial Writing.

Module 2

Basic Photography – Focuses on teaching the trainees the technical skills of operating a camera to take good quality photographs, elements of composition and principles of indoor and outdoor photography

Module 3

Basic Layouting- Aims to provide the student-trainees a basic range of layout techniques in Microsoft Office Publisher

At present, the Junior & Senior High School students of the Mogpog National Comprehensive High School in Brgy. Capayang, Mogpog, Marinduque are the student-trainees under the SJTP.

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