About Us

Dr. Menandro M. Merlin

Head, BAC Secretariat

Function and Responsibilities

  1. Advertise and, or post the invitation to bid or request for expression of interest.
  2. Conduct pre-procurement and pre-bid conferences.
  3. Determine the eligibility of prospective bidders.
  4. Receive bids.
  5. Conduct the evaluation of bids.
  6. Undertake post-qualification proceedings.
  7. Resolve motions for reconsideration.
  8. Recommend award of contract to the Head of Procuring Entity or his duly authorized representative.
  9. Recommend the imposition of sanctions in accordance with Rule XXIII of RA 9184
  10. Recommend to the Head of Procuring Entity the use of Alternative methods of procurement as provided in Rule XVI of RA 9184.
  11. Create a Technical Working Group (TWG) from a pool of technical, financial, and/ or legal experts.

Officers/Regular Members:

Chairperson Atty. Crispin Francis M. Jandusay
Vice Chairperson Ms. Erma E. Reyes
Members Mr. Julie P. Rodelas
Dr. Merryrose R. Palma
Mr. Raoul J. Magcamit

Provisional Members:

Civil Works Engr. Melito L. Hirondo
Electrical Works Engr. Nilo L. Buenaventura
IT Equipment/Services Dr. Randell R. Reginio
Automotive Mr. Orlando M. Oliva
Electorinics Engr. Teodoro M. Ricamara
Science Laboratories Ms. Mae Christine C. Ogayre
Fisheries Ms. Orlen M. Mallen
Agri-related Projects Mr. Adrian S. Mausig
Medical Supplies Mr. John Ryan R. Leaño
Library Materials Ms. Janna Christine P. Magulcang
Common Goods Ms. Jewayrie R. Reforma
Consultancy/Services Mr. Marvin R. Plata


Head Dr. Menandro M. Merlin
Members Ms. Janine Joie M. Rocha
Ms. Jessica M. Mabiog
Mr. Nowell P. Maac

Function and Responsibilities of the BAC Secretariat

  1. Provide administrative support to the BAC.
  2. Organize and make all necessary arrangements for BAC meetings and conferences.
  3. Prepare minutes of meetings and resolutions the BAC.
  4. Take custody of procurement documents and other records.
  5. Manage the distribution of Bidding Documents to interested bidders.
  6. Advertise and/ or post bidding opportunities, including Bidding Documents, and Notices of Awards.
  7. Assist in managing the procurement processes.
  8. Monitor procurement activities and milestones for proper reporting to relevant agencies when required. Consolidate PPMPs from various units of the procuring entity to make them available for review.
  9. Be the central channel of communications for the BAC with end-users, PMOs, other units of the line agency, other government agencies, providers of goods, infrastructure projects and consulting services, observers and the general public.

Functions and Responsibilities of the Technical Working Group

  1. Assist the BAC in the preparation of the bidding documents, ensuring that the same properly reflects the requirements of the Procuring Entity and that these conforms to the standards set forth by RA 9184, its IRR-A and the PBDs prescribed by the GPPB.
  2. Assist the BAC in the conduct of eligibility screening of prospective bidders, and in the short-listing of prospective bidders in case of biddings for consulting services.
  3. Assist the BAC in the evaluation of bids and prepare the accompanying reports for the BAC’s consideration and approva.
  4. Assist the BAC in the conduct of post-qualification activities and prepare the post-qualification summary report for the BAC’s approval.
  5. Assist the BAC and BAC Secretariat in preparing the resolution recommending award with regard to the technical aspect, if necessary.
  6. Provide utmost priority to BAC assignments over all other duties and responsibilities, until the requirements for the procurement at hand are completed [Jury Duty].