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Sofia Dina C. Garol


The Office of the Cashier is one of the units under the Financial Management Office which is supervised by the Office of the Vice-President for Administration and Finance. The office is tasked to perform the disbursement of public funds and collection of revenues and receipts in conformity with laws, rules and regulations.

The Office is headed by an Administrative Officer V (College Cashier) to assist the College President to attain the highest level of performance in the management of collection and disbursement of funds of the college. The Unit functions with the support of the following: Administrative Assistant II, Administrative Aide VI, Administrative Aide IV and two Support Staff.

The first function of the office is the disbursement of funds thru the preparation of check/LDDAP-ADA due to internal and external creditors in payment for Salaries, Wages, Bonuses, Honoraria, and other benefits, remittances of all payroll deductions (loans, premiums, contributions), travel expenditures and maintenance & other operating expenses of the agency. The Administrative Aide prepares the Report of Checks Issued with the supporting documents for submission to the Accounting Unit. Secondly, it is also responsible for the disbursement of Advances for Payroll to authorized expenses based on duly approved disbursement vouchers (DVs)/ payrolls when it is impractical to pay by check. The Administrative Assistant prepares the Cash Disbursement Report with the assistance of Support Staff in filling out of supporting documents (SDs) every time the cash advance is liquidated for submission to the Accounting Unit.

Another function is the Collection of Revenues and Receipts – the issuance of official receipts (OR) from all income collections. All income accruing to the departments, offices and agencies by virtue of the provisions of existing laws, orders and regulations shall be deposited to the National Treasury or in the duly authorized depository of the government. The Administrative Aide prepares detailed collection report and summary of collections and deposits, with validated bank deposit slips, duplicate copies of official receipts (OR), with the assistance of Support Staff in the filling of supporting documents for submission to the Accounting Unit.