MSC is now a proud member of UMAP

Established in 1991, the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific or UMAP is a voluntary association of government and non-government representatives of higher education institutions in the Asia-Pacific region with over 570 participating colleges and universities spread over 35 countries and territories. UMAP’s Secretariat is located in Toyo University, Japan. UMAP aims to achieve“better continue reading : MSC is now a proud member of UMAP

MSC hailed by CSC with Prime HR

Marinduque State College was recently awarded with the PRIME HR at ceremonies held recently in Manila in recognition of its achievements in the four HRM Systems. It is only one of two SUCs to have received the award this year.

MSC hosts ACERT Seminar

Aspiring to be a university necessitates strengthening its research tradition. With this aspiration, MSC, spearheaded by its President, Dr. Merian C. Mani, hosted the Seminar on Thesis Advising and Paneling given by consultants from the Asian Center of Education Research and Training for Innovation (ACERT). The seminar was held at the Balar Events Place last continue reading : MSC hosts ACERT Seminar

DR. Victoriano R. Regio – Dangal ng MSC Awardee for 2018

The Principal of MSC’s senior laboratory high school was feted with the highest award this year at the annual Dangal ng MSC Awards held at the Provincial Convention Center last October 1. Dr. Victoriano R. Regio, in his speech, expressed profound gratitude for the award which affirms and acknowledges the many years of dedicated service continue reading : DR. Victoriano R. Regio – Dangal ng MSC Awardee for 2018

MSC Students bring home medals

MSC student athletes won a modest haul of medals at the 2018 STRASUC Sports festival. Another group landed first place in the group feature writing & school paper production, at a School Paper Production confab in Baguio.