About Us

The Office of Media and International Affairs under the Office of the College President is the institutional communication clearinghouse that employs traditional and new media tools to design, prepare, and publish information about the school that is of interest to its stakeholders. As well, it is responsible for the promotion of the College to increase its prominence locally, nationally and internationally.

As well. OMIA is the office in charge in fostering international linkages and partnerships. OMIA seeks to establish connections with other higher educational institutions and organizations through networking activities, promotion of overseas scholarships and training and facilitation of international agreements, exchange programs, and research/educational partnerships, as well as assistance in international travel.


  1. Increase MSC’s prominence locally & internationally; actively promote its programs and projects across a variety of media platforms and through networking initiatives.
  2. Participate in and contribute to the establishment and strengthening of relationships with national and international partners.
  3. Provide relevant and accurate information to MSC’s stakeholders guided by Intellectual Property and Copyright regulations as well as the Freedom of Information & Data Privacy Acts.
  4. Serve as information hub and clearinghouse of MSC for official communication.
  5. Be the facilitator for international exchange programs: scholarships, conferences, meetings, research & consultancies.
  6. Maintain a database of contacts and accurate, up-to-date information on past, present and future partnerships and exchange activities.
  7. Set up and maintain the effective functioning of the MSC Media Center to serve the public information and communication needs of all colleges and relevant offices of MSC.
  8. Be the focal point for official protocol.
  9. Ensure the standard implementation of MSC’s institutional identity through clear and consistent design of its multimedia outputs.