Dr. Verna Liza L. Capina


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It was August 15, 2011 through BOT Resolution No. 16 series of 2011 when the School of Business and Management (SBM) was created, adopting the BS Tourism Management Program from the former School of Tourism in MSC Pag-asa, Sta. Cruz Campus and BS Entrepreneurship Program major in Enterprise Management offered in Boac Campus, Wholesale & Retail in Sta. Cruz and Agribusiness in Torrijos Campus. The SBM started operating on the second semester of academic year 2011-2012 and was launched on November 2011 during the opening of classes. Effective 1st semester of AY 2012-2013, SBM Boac Campus started offering Bachelor in Public Administration program by virtue of BOT Resolution No. 47 series of 2011 with CHED IV-B order number 007 series of 2012. During the school year 2013-2014, SBM offered another new program at Pag-asa, Sta. Cruz Campus, BS Accounting Technology program with CHED IV-B order number 10 series of 2012.

Graduates of the BS Entrepreneurship Program should:

⦁ Have the orientation and motivation of an entrepreneur
⦁ Be able to identify business opportunities
⦁ Prepare business plans
⦁ Accomplish needed requirements to start a business
⦁ Operate and manage a business effectively and efficiently

Graduates of the Bachelor of Public Administration should have:

⦁ Adequate knowledge and understanding of fundamentals of good governance
⦁ High appreciation for the demands and challenges of public service
⦁ High ethical values for public service, accountability, nationalism and sustainability
⦁ Strong sense of duty to promote and protect public interest especially for the depressed and marginalized communities.
⦁ Adequate skills in management including planning, implementation, monitoring and human, material and resource management for government and civil society organizations
⦁ Adequate ability to engage in scientific research and national decision-making

Graduates of the BS Accounting Technology Program should:

⦁ To equip students with specific skills for entry into the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry and accounting profession.
⦁ To prepare the students for eventual entry into the regular degree program of the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) ; and
⦁ To produce graduates equipped with the general and technical values to become effective and globally competitive accounting technicians and accountants who are prepared to cope with the demands of this rapidly changing environment.

Graduates of the BS Tourism Management Program should:

⦁ To equip students with competencies related to the basic, and core requirements areas of concentration and elective courses.
⦁ To produce graduates who are competent and skilled for the sustainable development of the tourism industry of the province, country and global community.
⦁ To uplift the country’s living attendants, instill great pride in one’s identity and make them more aware of their cultural and natural heritage.
⦁ To produce competent professionals who are dedicated to community service, research-oriented, equipped with the new information technology and emerging knowledge and skills that meets national and international standards of excellence while continually in quest for personal and professional growth.
⦁ Graduates who care and take care all God’s creations to make this world a better place to live in, who continuously give to the world their best in honour of the institution which helped them to be what they are today.

Graduates of the BS Entreprenuership Program should:

  1. Have the orientation and motivation of an entrepreneur;
  2. Be able to identify business opportunities;
  3. Prepare business plan;
  4. Accomplish neede requirements to start a business;
  5. Operate an manage a business effectively and efficiently.