Faculty and Staff

Faculty Researchers

Name & Academic Rank Research Interest Subject of Current or Proposed Research Subject of Most Recent Publication Email
Abegail O. Magcamit, RM,RN,MAN
Instructor III
Health Tracer study of MSC BSN Graduates abegail.magcamit0506@gmail.com
Anafarina J. Lanot, RN,MAN
Instructor III
Health Healthcare needs & delivery of healthcare services in the different islets of Marinduque anafarina.jandusay@gmail.com
Divina R. Vitto, RN Health Impact of Maternal and Child Healthcare Services divina.vitto@yahoo.com
Ma. Rowena L. Lamac, LPT
Health Effectiveness of Family Participation in the Rehabilitation of Children with Disability wellalamac@gmail.com
Marvin P. Plata, RN, MAN
Health Tuklas-Lunas Development Consortium Program