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Alexander M. Pascua, Ph.D.
Asso. Prof. V

Agricultural Engineering

  • Crop Food Processing Machineries & Equipment
  • Intensification and Utilization of Coconut Husks in Marinduque
  • Assessment of Irrigation Systems in Marinduque
  • Development of Crop Processing Equipment
Paloma D. De Chavez
Asst. Prof. IV
Aquaculture; Fisheries Management; Molecular Biotechnology
  • Surveillance of disease and ;
  • Hatchery Operations of Potential Shrimp Species
  • Genetic Diversity of Viral Nervous Necrosis (VNN) in Commercially Important Aquaculture Species in the Philippines
  • Growth Performance of African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fingerlings fed with different levels of Spirulina platensis
  • Vulnerability assessment of Squid Fishery in Marinduque
Regie F. Mampusti
Instructor 1
Coastal Resource Management; Aquatic Resources and Ecology
  • Seaweeds; Seagrass; Corals; Invertebrates
  • Seaweeds & Seagrass Assessment
Orlen F. Mallen
Instructor I
Fish Reproductive Biology; Fish and Non-Fish Stock Assessment
  • Fish Reproductive Biology; Fish & Non-Fish Stock Assessment
  • Fish reproductive biology of Mackerels
Wilfredo Q. Villavicencio, Jr.
Instructor I
Fish Processing & Post Harvest Techniques; Food Savety
  • Quality upgrading of dried anchovies using innovative processing techniques
  • Quality and safety of fermented fish products (Fish Paste & Sauce)
Aldrin F. Madurog
College Lecturer
Fish Nutrition; Food formulation
  • Development of Golden Apple snail and Brown seaweeds as alternative protein source in Tilapia fingerlings
  • Masculinization of Tilapia fingerlings using Gumamela extract