Faculty and Staff

Senior Officials

Mario T. Mascarenas

Faculty Researchers

Name of Faculty Members/Staff Members Position Research Interest Subject of Most Recent Publication Email
1. Ruben Labay Assistant Prof. IV Automotive/ Equipment Innovation labayruben673@gmail.com
2. Ronald Lanot Instructor I ronaldlanot6@gmail.com
3. Enrico Mariposque Associate Prof. I tariqmariposque@gmail.com
4. Orlando Oliva Assistant Prof. I orly.oliva2020@gmail.com
1. Mario T. Mascareñas Associate Prof. II Housing & Construction Materials Research and Innovation mariomascarenas@gmail.com
2. Cassius Nitoral Instructor I nitoralcassius42@gmail.com
3. Ma. Lorraine Pascua Assistant Prof. III Working Drawing of Patent Machine (2020) ma.lorrainepascua@yahoo.com
4. Nicko Mantaring College Lecturer nickomantaring.nm@gmail.com
5. John Mark Par College Lecturer nickomantaring.nm@gmail.com
6. Laica Mabango College Lecturer mabangolaica@gmail.com
7. Anne Kryshel Laman College Lecturer Sustainable & Resilient Architecture akmm.msc.edu@gmail.com
8. Marjonier Mangacat College Lecturer mmm.msc.edu@gmail.com
1. Renato Jogno Assistant Prof. IV Renewable Energy and Innovation jogno_rn@yahoo.com
2. Ulysses Landoy Instructor I leeshaoran21@gmail.com
3. Jose Brual College Lecturer josebrual@gmail.com
4. Timothy John Mandia College Lecturer shortcircuit0015@gmail.com
5. Mario Mendoza College Lecturer mharmend18@gmail.com
6. Kenward Paglinawan College Lecturer kenwardpaglinawan.kp@gmail.com
1. Ernani Sto. Domingo Instructor I Food Processing and Product Research & Innovation and Foods Culture ernani.stodomingo@gmail.com
2. Ceres Janet Malagotnot College Lecturer ceresligeralde20@gmail.com
3. Melgar Mabuti College Lecturer melgarmabuti18@gmail.com
4. Rudolph John Malinao College Lecturer rudolphjmalinao@gmail.com
5. Rhea Jane Orilla College Lecturer orillacesarjr905@gmail.com
6. Lovely Mangana College Lecturer lableemangana@gmail.com
1. Jade Julius Liguit Instructor I Mechanization and Fabrication jadejuliusliguit@gmail.com
2. Estanislao Malagotnot Asstant Prof. I natsetontogalam@gmail.com
3. Julius Malagotnot College Lecturer juliusetontogalam@gmail.com
4. John Romeo Mendros College Lecturer mendrosjohnromeo216@gmail.com
1. Mark Louie Galang College Lecturer Mechanization and Fabrication louiegalang02@gmail.com
2. Jan Fern Historillo College Lecturer Education – Physics Sciences shanxcreatives@gmail.com
3. Aubrey Lanot College Lecturer Renewable Energy & Mechanization and Fabrication juliusetontogalam@gmail.com
4. Rose Ann Rivadeneira Instructor I Agri-Business roseyrivadeneira@gmail.com
5. Paulo John Marquez College Lecturer ICT/IT Computer Software adzpj15@gmail.com
6. Jerico Malalad Instructor I wincept@yahoo.com
7. Angelica Mheg Cañazares College Lecturer Sports Science wincept@yahoo.com
8. Nikka Adling College Lecturer Humanities-English/Education ICT/Culture & Arts adlingnikka@gmail.com
9. Bernice Garcia College Lecturer Sports Psychology/ Curriculum Trends in PE/Culture & Arts gbernicejacob29@gmail.com
10. Jorge Mandia Associate Prof. V Governance in NSTP mandiajorge@gmail.com
11. Darlene Melecia College Lecturer Mechanization and Fabrication/Applied Science (Environment) darlene_tagle@ymail.com
12. Mary Beverly Gutierrez College Lecturer Renewable Energy & Innovation gutierrezjinho13@gmail.com
13. John Mark Valencia College Lecturer Humanities-English johnmarkfvalencia@gmail.com