Faculty and Staff

Faculty Researchers

Name & Academic Rank Research Interest Subject of Current or Proposed Research Subject of Most Recent Publication Email
Julieta Q. Nabos
Ph.D. Asso. Prof. II
Ph.D. Asso. Prof. II Online Learning Management
  • Finding Planted DNA Motifs using Gibbs Sampling with Simulated Annealing and Neighborhood Search (2015)
  • An Efficient Exact Solution for the (l,d) Planted Motif Problem (2015)
  • The effects of an interactive software agent on student affective dynamics while using an intelligent tutoring system (2012)
Ronjie Mar Malinao
DIT, Asst. Prof. II
Machine Learning & Data Analytics Online Learning Management
  • Classifying Breadfruit Tree using Artificial Neural Network (2018)
  • Artocarpus Trees Classification using Convolutional Neural network (2018)
  • Potential of using unmanned aerial vehicle in the Philippine Farming Sector: Empirical evidence from field survey (2018)
Ma. Nessa M. Solomon
DIT, Asst. Prof. II
Machine Learning Learning Management Systems
  • Survey of living conditions (2018)