Academic Programs

Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) (Level IV)*


  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Science

The Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) Program is a 4-year curricular offering designed to prepare individuals who would like to enter the teaching profession as teacher or as an administrator in educational institutions.


The graduates of this program are expected to:

  1. Manifest high level of teaching competencies appropriate for the curriculum of secondary schools;
  2. Integrate educational theories and practices through class management, school administration, research and community extension services;
  3. Demonstrate ethical and professional attributes toward the teachig profession; and
  4. Compete globally and ready to meet the demards of the changing society.

Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education (BCAEd)

Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education (BTLEd)


Home Economics

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) (AACCUP Level III Re-accredited)

*Scheduled for Phase 2 of 4th Survey; passed 1st phase