Academic Programs

Program Accreditation Level Course Objectives Specialization
Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) AACCUP Level II
  1. Aspire for leadership in both public and private educational institutions.
  2. Show intellectual and professional skills in management needed in training school leaders.
  3. Adopt theories and practices in the management of educational institutions.
  4. Conduct research relevant to education.
  5. Live with the highest standards in the service.
  • Educational Management
  • Language Teaching
  • Biology Teching
  • Chemistry Teaching
  • Mathematics Teaching
  • Physics Teaching
  • Guidance
Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) AACCUP Level II
  1. Serve as competent managers in the government sector.
  2. Apply relevant theories and practices and systems in public administration.
  3. Show skills needed to implement programs, projects, and policies that seek to resolve society’s problems.
  4. Design theory and training for the improvement of public administration.
  5. Engage in research for the betterment of public administration.
  6. Maintain highest standard in serving the public sector.
  • Organizational Studies
  • Local Government and Regional Administration
Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) AACCUP Level II
  1. Be an expert in the level of theoretical knowledge in the areas of Curriculum and Development Management.
  2. Be competent and motivated to draw from expert level of knowledge to understand and solve different problems related to Curriculum and Development Management, and;
  3. Be competent to undertake research in Curriculum and Development Management including the ability to develop programs and systems, to evaluate the same, and to communicate the results and implications of the research to diverse audiences,
  • Curriculum Development & Management
Program under Consortium Partner University
Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) Cavite State University)
Programs under Extension Higher Educational Institution Program
Master’s Degree Eastern Quezon College
Gumaca, Quezon
Master of Arts in Education

  • Educational Management
  • Language Teaching
  • Biology Teaching
Doctorate & Master Degree Quezonian Educational College, Inc. Doctor of Education

  • Curriculum Development & Management

Master of Arts in Education

  • Educational Management
  • Mathematics Teaching

Master’s in Public Aministration

  • Organizational Studies