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The School of Technology has its beginning when Marinduque School of Arts and Trades (MSAT) was established in 1953 through RA 805 where the Industrial Technology Section first offered 2-Year Technical courses. Later, the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology was offered in SY 1975-1976 through DECS Order No. 28, s. 1975. Through the years, as MSAT became Marinduque Institute of Science and Technology then Marinduque State College, Industrial Technology Section evolved into the School of Industrial Technology (SIT) catering a large portion of MSC’s student population.

Meanwhile, during SY 1998-1999 a new Institute of Information and Computing Sciences (IICS) offered Associate in Computer Technology (ACT) leading to Bachelor of Science in Information Technology as special program through BOT Resolution No. 35, s. 1998. Eventually, after two years, IICS was adopted as the School of Information and Computing Sciences (SICS) offering two emerging technology courses – BS in Information Management and BS in Information Technology to accommodate the graduates of ACT. The BS in Information Management was renamed to BS in Information Systems to adapt to CHED Memorandum Order No. 53, s. 2006.

Being both offering technology courses, SIT and SICS were merged in year 2016 when MCS’s structure was reorganized having now the School of Technology (STech). Currently, STech is the most populated school in MSC catering students who believe in the utility of technology for the improvement of human societies.