Boac, Marinduque, Philippines — The newly appointed Director of the 409th (Marinduque) Community Defense Center, 4th Regional Community Defense Group (4RCDG), Reserve Command (RESCOM), Nicoli L. Lizaso (MAJ (FS) PA extended a courtesy visit to PDPZ on April 11, 2024 in Marinduque State College, Boac, Marinduque.

The newly appointed Director, Nicoli L. Lizaso (MAJ (FS) PA together with PDPZ, Atty. Jandusay-VPAF, and Sgt. Reymund B. Guzman (Inf) PA (left-right). (Photo by Joshua Breganza)

Director Lizaso assumed as the new Director on March 16, 2024 and extended his support to MSC and appreciation for the significant contribution of the college as an esteemed partner in educating younger generations on the commitment of the Philippine Army towards good governance and performance excellence.

The said center is the premier army unit tasked to develop, organize, train, and administer Reservists in the province of Marinduque. Additionally, the center also supervises ROTC trainings of the colleges in Marinduque.

(Photo by Joshua Breganza)

Director Lizaso was accompanied by Sgt Reymund B Guzman (Inf) PA and together with Prof. Dr. Diosdado P. Zulueta, College President, who happily received them was Atty. Crispin Francis M. Jandusay-Vice President for Administration and Finance.

PDPZ expressed his support to the new leadership and looks forward to working harmoniously with the 409th (Marinduque) Community Defense Center.

(MSC Information Unit)