Rommel Luna launched his 4 books and personal website on June 22, 2024 via Streamyard platform. The books include “Future entrepreneur’s guide in sales and marketing;” “After graduation, what happens next? A guide to have a better path after college;” “Best life coaching tips for youth and adolescents” and “The power of 50 mindfulness and stress reduction techniques” which are all available on Kindle.

He emphasized that his experiences in the last three decades with his colleagues and clients at work inspired him in crafting the books. On the other hand, his inspirations for the other books were taken from his experiences and learning as a parent and an entrepreneur.

According to him, he will continue to publish books and create online courses about entrepreneurship. He knows that this is an effective way to reach more people around the world and guide the younger generation through the knowledge that has been written, experienced and researched.  He is thankful to Almighty God who made him as a driver of change and inspire uniqueness to every individual who have talent and bolder in developing greatness within himself and make a difference.

Aside from his career as an entrepreneur and publisher, Mr. Luna is currently designated as Executive Consultant for External Affairs of the recently converted Marinduque State University. He is expected to help enhance MarSU’s relations to stakeholders in upholding institutional reputation; establish connections with entrepreneurs, talents, innovators, and donors who can support the development programs/projects of the institution; and organize executive outreach and external relations efforts.

Photo courtesy: Rommel Luna/Facebook