Boac, Marinduque – College of Arts and Social Sciences, Marinduque State College has become a Founding Member of Island Innovation’s newest venture, the Island Innovation Academic Council. Membership is open to academic institutions that facilitate studies centered around topics of particular relevance to islands, such as sustainability, the Blue Economy, as well as the culture, economy, biodiversity and environment of island territories all over the world.

One of the main goals of The Academic Council is to establish a greater academic focus on island communities by utilising is islands’ social, economic and cultural realities as the context for exploring these topics. This will provide the opportunity for members to disseminate their research to a wider audience, and maximise the impact of this to future innovators. An added benefit is the facilitation of an enhanced level of engagement between multiple stakeholders, such as researchers, NGOs, and policy makers.

There are several benefits of being a member of the Academic Council, such as submitting academic pieces to be published/disseminated via Island Innovation (as opposed to being published as journal articles or other academic platforms), and the possibility of increased academic exposure through the submission of proposals for panels/posters/talks at virtual events organized by Island Innovation. This is also an optimal platform for collaboration regarding areas of common interest.

College of Arts and Social Sciences, Marinduque State College looks forward to contributing to the Academic Council through research, creative work and community involvement, in line with MSC President Dr Diosdado P. Zulueta’s five-point advocacy. For more information please contact: Associate Prof. Randy T. Nobleza at MSC College of Arts and Social Sciences (