Island Innovation’s Academic Council is a network of researchers and experts who work on sustainable development issues for island communities. The Council offers its members various benefits, such as sharing their research articles with policymakers, networking and collaborating with other academics, submitting proposals for events organized by Island Innovation, and engaging with multi-stakeholder groups to influence policy making. The Council also provides online profiles, monthly updates, and case studies to showcase its members’ contributions and achievements

Island Innovation invites its Academic Council members to submit panel proposals and policy briefs for four events in 2024 that will address the challenges and opportunities of island communities in the areas of finance, energy, climate change, and sustainable development. The events are: the Island Finance Forum (6-8 March, online), the Global Sustainable Islands Summit (21-23 May, Prince Edward Island, Canada), the Virtual Island Summit (9-13 September, online), and the Island Voices @ COP29 (11-24 November, online). The members can showcase their expertise, network with other stakeholders, and influence policy making through these events. The submission form is available here: .

The Academic Council Liaison, Stacey Alvarez de la Campa, also announces opportunities for partnerships with the United Nations and other organizations at the 4th International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS4), which will take place from 27-30 May in Antigua & Barbuda. The conference will launch a new ten-year plan for SIDS that will focus on practical and impactful solutions. The members who are interested in presenting in-person side events at the conference should indicate their interest by February 15th, 2024. The Liaison also outlines the next steps for adding the members’ profiles to the Island Innovation website, creating policy briefs, becoming speakers, and submitting proposals for the events. The Liaison expresses enthusiasm for working with the members to make 2024 a memorable and dynamic year for the Academic Council.

Randy T. Nobleza, Ph.D.
Associate Professor I, Island Innovation Ambassador,

Island Innovation Academic Council Representative

College of Arts & Social Sciences

Marinduque State College