Hibla Local Filipina 3 comes to a close with Boac leg with theater arts at the Marinduque National High School (MNHS) Library and School of Advanced Education (SAEd) audio-visual room this week by November 22 to 24. The first session with the Marinduque State College (MSC) Theater Guild Director Sir Carl Ian Lagar and veteran director and dubber Sir Danny Mandia with the virtual participation of visiting researcher from Australian National University candidate Dr. Bryan Viray.

With the assistance of BA English Language Studies representatives: Angelika Mandalihan and Liza Laylay assisted Sir Lagar and Mandia. The morning session of Hibla Lokal Filipina – Theater was held at Marinduque National High School. The program started at 8:30 AM , and it began with an opening prayer led by one of the students from MNHS. It was then followed by an introduction about theater and its elements by Sir Carl Lagar, one of the facilitators. He gave the students a warm-up activity called “1,2,3…freeze!”, wherein they portrayed an event celebrated here in our province. The students were grouped into four. The first group portrayed Senakulo, 2nd – Battle of Pulang Lupa, 3rd – Santacruzan and the 4th group – Intramurals. Each group has to guess what they portrayed. All of them did well on the first activity, but the 3rd group guessed almost all the event, so they won.

Next, Dr. Randy Nobleza let the students watch a greeting and/or short explanation from Sir Bryan Viray. Afterwards, Sir Danny Mandia , the director, shared his experience with theater and amazed the students when he showed them how to do theater. Of course he also let them showcase their talents with an activity wherein each group has to choose among the abstract elements such as fire, air, water, and earth and they have to show its movement but with a story included. Then, each group has to comment on the group who presented their short act. The students enjoyed the said activity.

Then the last part was a craft-making demonstration, Ms. Jhonnila Mazon, together with Mr. Jaealdrich Osacdin and Ms. Raeanne Dizon showed the students how to design a morion mask (bulaklakan) using metallic foil wrap. The students also tried it and they had fun of doing it. Unfortunately, they had to end the event because there is still an afternoon session in MSC Boac. It ended with picture taking and video greeting for the anniversary of Book Nook. As for the time, it was 12 noon when the session was ended as for this day. The said workshop was attended by 25 participants (junior high students) from Marinduque National High School plus the three students who taught them on designing the mask. Mam Fe Padolina, the Mapeh Head teacher in behalf of MNHS Principal Sir Democrito Nazareno gave some message along with the MNHS librarian Marian Krisaztel Antolin also graced the occasion.