The first quarter of this year saw a massive, first-of-its-kind coastal cleanup and the expansion of the Carbon Neutral Oxygen Park project

It was no ordinary crowd that gathered early at 6 a.m., April 20, on the shores stretching the length of seven baranggays in Boac: Laylay, Ihatub, Balaring, Caganhao, Bunganay, Amoingon, and Cawit. It was the first ever massive coastal cleanup under the MSC President’s Love Affair With Mother Nature environmental program. Around 4,000 senior high school and college students & faculty in their college colours lined and scooped up all the garbage along the beach. The morning was capped by a brief ceremony with speeches from Dr. Mani, Dr. Zulueta, & Dr. Capina. The clean up drive was replicated by MSC students & faculty in the other towns where MSC has campuses: Gasan, Sta.Ctuz & Torrijos.

Meanwhile, the bamboo story continues – a major part of the Carbon Neutral Oxygen Park project – with the planting of Beema bamboos in baranggay Ulong, Mogpog on Feb. 13 followed by another 100 bamboos being planted in a Public Private Partnership scheme in Yook, Buenavista on May 28.