Boac, Marinduque, Philippines — Marinduque State College (MSC) recently concluded a groundbreaking initiative aimed at enhancing the research and extension capabilities of its faculty members. The two-day event, titled “Future-Ready: Capacity Building for MSC Research & Extension,” was held at the MSC AVR on May 27-28, 2024 and marked a significant step towards realizing the college’s vision of becoming a leading academic institution in the region.

Highlights of the Future-Ready: Capacity Building for MSC Research and Extension. (Photos by C. Olores/OMIA)

The program was organized by the MSC Research Office, underscoring the college’s commitment to elevating its research profile. The initiative sought to empower faculty members with advanced skills in research writing, publication, statistical analysis, paper review, and ethical considerations. By fostering these skills, MSC aims to nurture a culture of innovation and academic excellence within its community.

MSC’s VP for R&E, Dr. Ma. Edelwina M. Blasé, opened the event with a welcome address while Dr. Liza Marie Manoos-Pacia-Research Director provided an insightful overview of the event’s rationale, emphasizing the importance of preparing faculty to navigate the evolving landscape of higher education.

Over the course of the two days, participants attended sessions led by esteemed speakers covering a range of crucial topics, including research procedures, proposal writing, statistical applications, ethics in research, and intellectual property law. The program also featured open forums, allowing for interactive discussions and the exchange of ideas.

The primary objectives of the initiative were to enhance research skills, strengthen competencies in data management and analysis, and educate faculty on the legal and ethical standards in research. By the end of the program, participants had developed and refined their research proposals, aligning them with Futures Thinking concepts, and were well-prepared to publish their research work.

This capacity-building program represents a strategic investment in faculty development, aiming to boost research productivity and foster a culture of academic excellence. It is a testament to MSC’s dedication to providing excellence in instruction, research, extension, and production, in line with the college’s mission.

Group photo opportunity of the participants during the Future-Ready: Capacity Building for MSC Research and Extension. (Photo by C. Olores/OMIA)

The event was attended by R&E coordinators and faculty members from various programs within MSC, all eager to enhance their research capabilities and contribute to the institution’s growing body of knowledge.

HRMDO Director & Supervising Administrative Officer, Ms. Erma E. Reyes officially closed the program, leaving participants inspired and motivated to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge.

(E. J. Marbello/MSC VPRE)

(Photos by C. Olores/OMIA)