A coordination meeting for the proposed consortium for the offering of graduate programs of MSC through a consortium agreement with Southern Luzon State University was held on January 12, 2024, at the OP Conference Room. The said partnership is a part of the universityhood requirements that would support the MSC’s bid for its total university status.

The MSC family welcomed the delegations from SLSU with the traditional putong from the MSC Culture and Arts Office. They were headed by its OIC-University President, Dr. Nilo H. Dator together with Dr. Gondelina A. Radovan – Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Mari Jane A. Lee – Dean of Graduate School; Dr. Vanessa C. Zubieta – Dean, College of Teacher Education; Ms. Marjorie Tolentino – Legal Assistant; and Ms. Mary Ann C. Salumbides, Admin Aide IV – Office of the University President.

Meanwhile, the MSC counterpart was headed by SUC President III, Dr. Diosdado P. Zulueta; Atty. Arlene Retardo-Legal Officer; Mr. Raoul J. Magcamit – Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Julieta Q. Nabos- Dean of Graduate School; Dr. Joy S. Montejo- Dean, College of Education; Ms. Sofia Dina C. Garol – Cashier; Ms. Gemma A. Tirol – College Registrar; Dr. Gerald G. Gutierrez – GAD Director; Dr. Leodegario M. Jalos, Jr. – Associate Dean of Graduate School; Dr. Noel Palomares-Principal of Integrated High School; Ms. Leni Rodrigues-Executive Assistant of the College President; Mr. Alfredo M. Ofrecio III – Chief of Presidential Management Staff; Ms. Marife Madla-Special Assistant of the College President; and Mr. Joshua Braganza-Private Secretary.

Dr. Zulueta emphasized in his message that he is grateful that SLSU visited MSC and signified its allegiance and support to this endeavor. He added that his aspirations for MSC becoming a university are deeply embedded in the empowerment under his leadership that everyone works together for the attainment of this vision.

On the other hand, Dr. Nilo Dator also expressed his sincerest appreciation for the warm welcome that MSC has rendered to them since yesterday upon their arrival until the meeting proper. He congratulated MSC on the new developments and assured the full support of SLSU for this partnership.

The activity concluded their agreements on the proposed plans and activities for this partnership as they enjoyed a sumptuous lunch before finally traveling back to SLSU.
(MSC Information Unit)