Established in 1991, the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific or UMAP is a voluntary association of government and non-government representatives of higher education institutions in the Asia-Pacific region with over 570 participating colleges and universities spread over 35 countries and territories. UMAP’s Secretariat is located in Toyo University, Japan.

UMAP aims to achieve“better understanding of the cultural, economic, and social systems of other countries by promoting mobility (i.e. exchange) of university students and staff.”

UMAP administers the following student & faculty exchange programs:

1.UMAP Multilateral (UME)/ Bilateral Student Exchange Program (UBE): This is a program where UMAP universities can send and receive two students per year on a tuition-waiver basis.

2.Super Short-Term Programs (SSTP): SSTPs are one to eight-week programs normally offered between July and September. Disciplines range from cultural studies, languages, entrepreneurship, etc. (depending on the host university).

3.UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme (UCTS) which allows credits earned from one-member university to be transferred to another.

4.UMAP Research Net (URN): UMAP provides research funds to selected research projects relevant to its goals. It is given to groups of two or more researchers from different UMAP affiliated universities who share common research interests.More information is available at the UMAP website: