Marinduque State College (MSC) Sentro ng Wika at Kultura, a higher education research center, was approved for institutional membership in the Local Historical Committees Network (LHCN), which is valid until August 1, 2025. The LHCN would be holding its 9th General Assembly on August 3-5, 2022, in Cebu City in line with the celebration of National History Month.

The MSC Sentro ng Wika at Kultura and its members are advocating for heritage studies, cultural education, island and archipelagic studies, local history, and cultural mapping. The organization had accomplished many programs that are related to its advocacies such as “The Church on the top of the Hill” in January 2020, “Marinduque Local History and Cultural Literacy Dictionary” in December 2020, “Small town of Great Vista Buenavista Marinduque” in April 2021, “Local Cultural profile of Sta. Cruz” in May 2021, “Local Cultural profile of Gasan” in December 2021, and the ongoing project “Marinduque History 2 storytelling and storybook package.”

The MSC SWK is affiliated with numerous organizations to support the organization’s projects, including the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), the National Commission of Culture and Arts (NCCA), the National Book Development Board (NBDB), to mention a few. The organization’s recent membership in the Local Historical Committees Network (LHCN) proves that MSC SWK is helpful and contributes to its local community. Furthermore, it is an organization that promotes and enriches the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the community while promoting the Filipino language.