Manila, Philippines — President Zulueta attended the 86th RDC Full Council Meeting today, June 14, 2024 at The Heritage Hotel Manila, Pasay City.

PDPZ during the meeting. (Photo by J. Breganza)

Some of the highlights of the meeting include the MIMAROPA SDG Catch-up Plan, Implementation of Enhanced Partnership Against Hunger and Poverty (EPAHP) Program, inclusion of BJMP MIMAROPA and BFP MIMAROPA as additional DAC members, MIMAROPA ARNIPAPs for FY 2026, DPWH MIMAROPA Revised FY 2025 Budget proposal, MIMAROPA Process on ER 1-94 Regional Share Utilization, Philippine Heath System Resilience Project, TESDA Supporting Innovation in the Philippine Technical Vocational Education and Training System Project, 15th RDC-PSR National Convention, 2023 MIMAROPA GRDP, Renewable Energy Development in MIMAROPA, Regional Economic Situationer, Project Monitoring Report, Status of RDC-endorsed projects, and Bagong Pilipinas Town Hall Meeting.

(Photo by J. Breganza)

Additionally, all of the agenda including all for approval, notation, endorsement, approval/adoption, confirmation, support, and information were acted upon during the meeting.

D. Sto.Domingo/MSCIU

Photos by. J. Breganza