Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines — Led by its SUC President III, Prof. Dr. Diosdado P. Zulueta, MSC joins the 3-day Regional Conference on Family Planning with the theme “Family Planning and Population and Development: Innovate, Collaborate, and Accelerate” on May 29-31, 2024 at the Sunlight Guest Hotel, Puerto Princesa City.

PDPZ with other participants from MIMAROPA in the Regional Conference on Family Planning. (Photo by J. Breganza)

The activity is hosted and organized by the Commission on Population and Development MIMAROPA which aims to serve as a venue for the exchange of information, sharing of best practices, identification of faps in interventions, and the celebration of achievement. Similarly, it aims to address persistent sociodemographic and economic issues by focusing on indigenous yet innovative interventions and affirmation of multistakeholder partnerships.

PDPZ joins the discussion during the plenary session. (Photo by J. Breganza)

For Day 1, the plenary sessions tackled ‘Regional Development through Health and Economic Management’ and ‘RDP 2022-2028: Economic Growth and Development through Population Management’.

For Day 2, poster exhibition as a networking session and showcase of good practices in RPFP/RH is set together with other activities such as RBIM – Data gathering and utilization at the barangay level, Datos ng Barangay Mo, Digitalization RBIOM, and RBIM Jingle Sing-along. Additionally, there are rolls of presentations on CHIS-Adolescent Reproductive Health and family program for all; social emergencies and FP; The Philippines’ Population Puzzle and CPD Rebranding AVP.

The plenary session for Day 2 includes ‘Population and Development Data and Information Implications to Policy Direction’ followed by ‘Inclusive and Sustainable Development for the IPs: Agenda for Research Better Reproductive Health and Family Planning (RHFP) Access (Social Emergencies, migration, and FP access)’. Moreover, the ‘Demographic Trends and Challenges as well as ‘Teen Pregnancy Prevention” The Puerto Princesa City Success Story (FP and the Youth’, Social Protection for Teen Parents: The Palawan Success Narrative (FP and the youth)’,

On the other hand, the parallel session includes ‘KATROPA: Greater Men’s Involvement in Responsible and Family Planning (FP for all)’, ‘Ageing Happily, Engaging Actively: Older Persons as Champions of Responsible Parenting and Family Planning (FP Innovations)’, ‘Communication Family Planning as a Poverty Reduction Measure: Role of Media (FP for all; skills building in data utilization)’.

Additionally, Plenary Session 3 is composed of ‘CSO Engagement in RPRH’, ‘CSE for IP Youth: Emphasis and Challenges (FP and the youth: ARH; FP Implementation for vulnerable population)’, ‘Empowering Women and Girls Through Family Planning: Cultivating Strong Roots together (FP for all; FP and the youth; FP innovations)’, and ‘Sexual and reproductive services for all: Focus on the vulnerable sector’.

For day 3, activities would include discussions on Innovation in FP such as ‘Family Planning in the Context of Devolution and Universal Health Care’, ‘Sexual and Reproductive Health Status in MIMAROPA (FP innovation)’, ‘Fertility and Family Planning: NDHS 2022 (Skills building in data utilization)’. After the call to action, confirmation of partnership in this conference is set to commence through a signing of the Partnership Agreement and Pledge of Support and Commitment.

As an institution of higher learning and advanced education, MSC supports the importance of engagement to empower the families in the implementation of programs and activities that are highly relevant, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of the communities.

(D. Sto.Domingo/MSCIU/J. Breganza/MSC OP)