Boac, Marinduque, Philippines — President Zulueta welcomed the consultants of MVINET, Prof. Andrew Wong, Chairman of E3Hubs and Mr. Richard Day, President of Upgrade Innolab, Inc. for the MIMAROPA Ventures Innovation Network (MVINET) Consortium Operational Mapping on February 5, 2024 at the MSC OP Conference Room.

MVINET Consortium aims to establish, support, and drive innovation and venture creation through Technology Business Incubations (TBIs). With the memorandum of agreement with MIMAROPA SUCs led by DOST-MIMAROPA, E3Hubs together with Upgrade Innolab, Inc. as partners of the DOST-MIMAROPA gears toward strengthening the establishment of TBIs in the MIMAROPA Region. As stipulated in the MOA, MVINET shall support the growth and development of technology start-ups and businesses in the area, provide a platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs to access technology, business support, market support, and investment support services, and eventually create an ecosystem that fosters innovation and creativity in S&T industry in the MIMAROPA Region as a gateway for BIMP-EAGA countries into the Philippines.

President Zulueta with the consultants of the MVINET, Prof. Andrew Wong, Chairman of E3Hubs and Mr. Richard Day, President of Upgrade Innolab, Inc.

Together with PDPZ, officials from the Research and Extension Department: Dr. Ma. Edelwina M. Blasé-VP for Research and Extension; Dr. Liza Marie M. Manoos-Pacia-Research Director; Mr. Edgardo R. Laririt-Knowledge and Technology Transfer Director; and faculty members from the College and Business and Accountancy: Dr. Michael V. Capia-Business Affairs and Production Director; Ms. Margarette Guilmo-Instructor 1, CBA; Ms. Donabel T. Magahis-Program Head, BS Entrepreneurship Program. The activity was also graced by a representative from DOST-MIMAROPA, Mr. Joseph Manaog.

Dr. Wong said that he sees the potential of MIMAROPA Region in establishing TBIs especially universities in the region just like Marinduque State College which has students, employees, and partners around the community. He pointed out that the entire college is the TBI and the provision of strong internet connectivity assures the success of TBI in the college. On the other hand, Mr. Day discussed the introduction to Technology Business Incubation with all the important points for an entrepreneurial ecosystem that would greatly contribute to the success of incubation initiatives.

The MVINET Operational Mapping participants listen to Mr. Day during his discussion about TBI initiatives and successes in the Philippines.

Dr. Zulueta emphasized that MSC has good internet connectivity with all the initiatives and investments garnered from the SMART Campus Program and that this activity becomes a conduit partnership with business and technology. Through this activity, PDPZ added that the MSC faculty members should learn new information and insights from the evolving needs of business and technology with high hopes that everyone would be a catalyst of change for innovation not just for the college but the whole province of Marinduque as well.

MSC strongly supports this initiative toward a strong collaboration to achieve all the technology business incubations (TBIs) goals for this partnership with DOST-MIMAROPA where the college would be a great contributor to the MVINET consortium in shaping the framework for the virtual TBIs and fostering the growth of technology-driven entrepreneurship within the MIMAROPA Region.