Boac, Marinduque – Since the regular opening of the Mimaropa Regional Science Centrum last October 3, several MSCians weigh in their experience of their most recent visit. The Local Science Centrum was inaugurated in April 18 with no less than the former Department of Science and Technology secretary, Mimaropa Regional Director, the Marinduque Governor and the then House Speaker gracing the occasion.

One of the accounts of the MSC students, “the Centrum made me attentive and believe everything I was seeing through participation and involvement, rather than just providing me with a mere ridicule of scientific discovery and pure amusement. I enjoyed the exhibits “Feel the Shake,” which let me experience earthquakes of varying intensities, “Cyclone,” which allowed me to understand how cyclones are formed, and “Frozen Shadow,” which amazed me the most. My mind was blown when I noticed my own shadow froze on the wall while I am already moving. These are only few of the exhibits at the Science Centrum. They all share discoveries, describe the world as it is, and, most importantly, pique the curiosity of young people like me. My visit was so beneficial that I became quite enthusiastic about science, my curiosity was piqued, and I encountered pleasant new things.”  Jurhyss Arsen Natividad, BAC 1B narrated her firsthand experience.

Though MSC along with the rest of the country is still in the midst of the national health emergency, “There are more to these but stating this all proves my point how interesting and recommended the place is especially for those who haven’t tried it. Furthermore, it is not all about the fun but you’ll also learn a lot from it such I was able to learn several facts to how those activities work through its written related scientific explanations,” Kate Jerlyn Milaya, BAC 1B derived her logic with learning during the pandemic times.

For almost three years, the students were content with self-learning modules and online classes until the gradual going back to in-person class, “I was amazed and shocked since it was so nice and wonderful. They did it well, it can grab the student’s interest. Students and youths will gain interest to learn more about science. And also, if someone is not interested in science, they can go there and tour the science centrum to be curious on how science and technology works,”  Merlyn Deal Cruz, BAC 1A shared her thoughts.

“I’m glad to be one of the students who visited there, it is not only for the view and experience but also in knowledge I learned after I visited. The future is here. It will give one lots of help specially on those have Science and Technology research findings clear and understanding,”  John Michael Dumaran, BAC 1A arrived at the conclusion.

There is a longing for a new experience given the new normal, “Even though I am not that interested with science and technology I really got amazed on how every exhibit materials work and it caught my attention until I found myself to explore more in that building. Once you entered the MSC science centrum you will be able to experienced how science and technology work together,” Jezel Pilar, BAC 1A realized after the visit.

Bruce Beutler, the Nobel prize winner for physiology and medicine, once remarked that “Science is far from the center of the world for most people: even for many with highly sophisticated tastes, interests, and accomplishments.” Moreover, the scientist Carl Sagan also said that “Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.”

On the flipside, a student honestly pointed out some limitations, “We should create a group of students and supervise by a teacher who will gather and archive all the memorabilia that we contribute to MSC Museum the same as Science Centrum. I suggest that we can create a blog in every institute or college that contains activities or programs that happened within MSC. And using a catalog will help to categorize and easily to find certain events from the blog.” John Edgar Leal, BAC 1A suggested some ways moving forward.

In addition some students are more encouraging, “When I entered the MSC science centrum, I immediately felt the excitement of what can be learned and observed. It’s so fun to go to the place because it’s only about science but also it gives happiness to the people who go there to share and bond,” Kiel Allen Salmorin, BAC 1A remarked. “I can say that it was a fun experience; almost all of the activities was there. I remember being at the Science Centrum in Manila when I was still in my preschool, and if I’ll compare it, I must say that I enjoyed it more here. It was educational too.”  Nikko Vio, BAC 1A came up with the insight that learning is also fun.