The Multimedia Arts Association of the Philippines (MMAAP) – MIMAROPA Chapter in collaboration with DICT Oriental Mindoro and Ynzal Marketing Corporation successfully conducted its new topic under its Creativity 101 Webinar Series with the topic entitled “Creation to Publication: From Scratch to a Book Spiel” that was discussed by different Resource Speakers showcasing a step-by-step creation on the of a book from traditional drawing, transitioning from paper to screen, to a publishable book.


The webinar was a creative, insightful, and inspiring discussion from sets of Resource Speakers. On the first run of the webinar Dr. Randy T. Nobleza, Academic Council Representative at Island Innovation, discussed how a book was created by considering the contents to be included in it, highlighting the importance of continuing the book publication that showcases the culture and arts and appreciating the works from traditional book publication and writing process.


In the second part of the webinar, insights, and creativity from the three (3) Resource Speakers ignited the discussion as they shared the book creation process from scratch to a publishable one. Ms. Andre Saet, discussed the Freehand Illustration process she is doing as the first step in creating a book cover and illustration for the book’s content. Additionally highlights the importance of continuing the traditional process of drawing and art creation.

As the discussion continued, Ms. Jimely Estoya shared and discussed her process of transferring the illustration that was created by Ms. Saet to a graphic that will be used and attached to the book that they are creating. Furthermore, Mr. Gerard Diana discussed the process of compiling the contents such as the Write-ups, Graphics, etc. into a book that is ready for publication.

Continuing onwards, the last part of the discussion was an engaging one as the Resource Speakers had a Panel Discussion where they shared insights and thoughts from the given sets of questions focusing on how to be continuously creative and does the emergence of AI hamper the creatives. With the answers and insight of the Resource Speakers, they shared that creativity is a process of learning new things, immersing ourselves in the community, continuously finding inspiration in a community, scenery, or the internet, and thinking outside the box. Moreover, they emphasized that AI is just a tool, and it is not the final output that you need to use or showcase as it is your creation.



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